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About us

Created in 2005, OCEIS was the old conception stucture of  AXIS Company, manufacturer of reinforcements for precast concrete.


OCEIS designs and produces equipments for manufacturing complex reinforcements of precast concrete like tunnels, concrete pipes or highway bridges parts. 






Some references :


TIMA,  tunnel for water aduction diameter 8000.

Subways Lyon, Marseille and RATP(Paris), conception of plants and special machineries to produce tunnel reinforcements

EPR Flamanville, Tunnel for used water of reactor

Highway A 65, south France : equipements to produce precast reinforcement of bridges.

AXIAL, Complete plant for manufacturing reinforcements of tunnels and railway  (Algeria)

ARMAXIS, plant for production concrete pipes reinforcement(Morroco)

Dauby Béton, Béton Lemaire (Belgium), B&BC (Czeh Rep.), Somagec (Eq Guinea.) for caging Machines for concrete Pipes


Design for Caging machine and other type of reinforcements

Conception of industrial plants for production of reinforcments

Manufacturing of plastic wire spacers

Last edited: 18/01/2022